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HeadShop 13

HeadShop 13 is a software product used to automatically create 3D heads from
photographs.It is used inside DAZ Studio as a plugin. It works with Genesis 3 and 8 figures. HeadShop 13 is outputting a modified morph OBJ file and 4096x4096
texture files. HeadShop has been in development since 2007 and regularly introduces features not found in other photo-to-3D software.
What is new in HeadShop 13?
  • HS 13 adds a new easy-to-use Profile” tab to create nose shapes
  • HS13 integrates LoveChild, an additonal piece of sophisticated software that allows the morphing between two photos to create a third image. A slider can regulate the degree of resemblance to one or the other photo.
  • HS 13 introduces much improved texture belending that samples 3 separate point of skin surface.
  • HS 13 also generates full body textures and a wrinkle „bump” map.
In addition, HeadShop 11 features a number of breaktrough technologies that cannot be found in other similar programs. See Chapter 3 – White Paper.

See „How-to” video here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5IhOtNPzhI&t

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